Screen Flow Library v2 for Axure

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*All version updates are included

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Having a visual representation to support your user flows and experience maps is always handy. I created this library to help you start quicker on your analysis and ideas than figuring out how to represent them, every widget was designed using Axure 8 default components, following Axure library recommendations to maximize compatibility, this library has grown through time as I use it into my daily workflow.

Screen Flow Library v2 for Axure Live demo

Widgets included


A group of widgets of the most common pages.

Headers new

Common page headers found in many sites

Product features new

Simple way to represent product or services features


This group includes different representation of dialog boxes.


Widgets that represents simple lightboxes, galeries or video.


Represent different page layouts, 2 columns, fluid, 3 columns and sidebar plus content


Combine these widgets to represent different states of a screen.

Pages new

Collections of common pages found through the web, based on widgets on this collection


Additional widgets to represent some common actions

Purchase & Download for $2.99 USD

*All version updates are included, if you think there's one screen/badge missing tweet me your suggestions or ideas.